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UK, PNG commence dialogue on trade

The United Kingdom would honour the current Economic Partnership Agreements (EPA) with PNG and other ACP member states that have existing preferential trade relations with the European Union, after Brexit.
The United Kingdom Minister for Trade Policy, George Hollingbery said this while briefing ACP Trade Ministers on Brexit on 25 October at ACP House Brussels.
PNG was represented at the meeting by Joshua Kalinoe, Papua New Guinea Ambassador to ACP and EU.
Mr Hollingberry advised ministers that UK will honour the existing EPA that ACP countries have with EU. Accordingly, priority for UK is to work with existing parties to trade under the current EPA until similar Agreements are negotiated and implemented after 2021.
Soon after the Briefing Ambassador Kalinoe met with Mr Hollingsbery to exchange views on the current work by officials from UK and PNG to negotiate a similar EPA with the one that PNG has with EU.
They noted that trade officials from PNG and UK will meet at the margins of the ACP-EU Joint Trade Ministers Meeting in Brussels to continue the dialogue.

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