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APEC WEF delegates visit Bougainville

The APEC Women and the Economy Forum has concluded on Friday 7 September 2018 followed by a regional visit to Bougainville to see how women entrepreneurs there are excelling in business.
Upon arrival at Buka airport, they were treated with tsutsu, Bougainville traditional feet washing, which is a way of welcoming people to the island before having a taste of tamatama, a traditional dish for special occasions.
The visit has provided an opportunity for women on the island the privilege to expose and demonstrate their talents by exhibiting their products.
It was an opportunity for them to raise awareness on the benefits of self-employment that would help women entrepreneurs to promote their businesses whilst attracting potential investors.
The opportunity provided by APEC for women on the island will also contribute largely to developing best practices and building networks amongst women entrepreneurs in Bougainville and across the region.
Visits like this also encourage women to strive and by involving them into entrepreneurs creates jobs both for women and youths that can reduce unemployment whilst contributing to the development and growth of the economy.
The delegates were overwhelmed, as the visit was fruitful and many of them left stunning of what Bougainville and has to offer.
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