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Amazing Port Moresby at a glance

PORT MORESBY: “Port Moresby is much better now than I moved in ten years ago.”

These are the words of Carolyn Blacklock who works and lives in the capital city.

She is the Chief Executive Officer of PNG Power Limited.

She calls Port Moresby home away from home.

A jubilant Ms. Blacklock commended NCD Governor Powes Parkop for transforming the city, so residents-including herself-can come out onto the streets and ‘enjoy Port Moresby.’

“It is a beautiful city. You (dwellers) all are beautiful as well, and we all live in the beautiful city. However, we often forget just how lucky we are to have such a city.

“Lots of people around the world don’t have what we have in Port Moresby,” she told participants of Walk and Yoga for Life this morning at Paga Hill Ring road.

She, however, said some think that life in the city is tough and uneasy.

PNG Power boss perceived it otherwise: “It is getting better. It is definitely much better than when I moved here ten years ago. The city is beautiful. The city is much cleaner, and the people are safer.

“We have got a long way to go but we are going somewhere. The problem is for communities which have not started the change yet and Port Moresby, under the leadership of Governor Powes Parkop, is more than started.

“It is well advanced on a progress to a safer, cleaner, greener city,” she said.

With a foreign visitor, she took part in the usual walk and yoga for life this morning.

Meanwhile, Blacklock, a domestic violence survivor, has called on men folk in the country to get educated about their role in domestic violence: thus, little boys and girls grow up respecting each other.

“It is not about women being better. It is simply about them being equal. I hope you all do what you can to make sure we have a safer city for both men and women,” she said.

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