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Basil still hopeful to get Gariana connected

Minister for Communications and Energy Sam Basil, now in his third consecutive term as Bulolo MP, says he has not given up and is still adament to get Waria, which is the sixth and last local level government area of Bulolo to be connected by road.

Waria LLG, whose Garaina station once boast to host the only tea plantation and factory in the country, remains the only LLG area of Bulolo to be accessed from outside by foot through jungles and by airplane.

Minister Basil said the rugged dirt roads of Wau to Biaru to Kasangare were fixed up as part of the DDA works unit’s effort to connect eventually with Garaina, which used up a lot of the funding and resources in his second term.

The DDA has invest in new and bigger excavators and bulldozers to cut through thick jungles and mountain ranges towards Bapi and into Garaina.

He said the DDA will continue to work on these existing roads with the current machinery and equipments they have While addressing the tough challenge of connecting Waria LLG, the Bulolo DDA, bought a small nine-seater plane in late 2014, which is now managed and operated by third level airline company, North Coast Aviation under a subsidised partnership arrangement.

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