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Port Moresby fast growing urban center in Papua New Guiena

Port Moresby Skyline 
PORT Moresby is the Nation’s Capital and warrants the best, as Papua New Guinea now becomes one of the major global players.

City Manager Bernard Kipit said this in an interview yesterday.

NCD is going through a massive facelift with more than 1100 kilometres of new roads built, apart from the world class facilities that are now in use. And this is because the Government is helping to grow the city.

And furthermore there are two new road projects now out on tender linking Laloki and 14-Mile to ease traffic congestion and improve traffic flow, and ultimately give the capital a big facelift.

More than K2 billion has already been spent on the city’s facelift with six road projects now in use. This makes Port Moresby the fastest growing urban centre in the country, coupled with other building infrastructure and business expansions.”Port Moresby right now is probably the fastest growing city in the South Pacific. You exclude Australia and New Zealand, the city is changing fast. And for a city manager, this is a real challenge. We just have to make sure we have the right support,” Kipit said. “It’s urban development and we must be in total control. The city has a very good plan and this is not for now, it is for our future generation.”He urged the people of the city to look after infrastructure around the city, singling out that this is everyone’s city with almost 60 per cent of the population being foreigners who are working and living here.The six new roads now in use are:

 Gerehu to Hanuabada (10.7 kilometre Koura), a four-lane road worth K196million;

 Gerehu to 9-Mile, an 8 kilometre four-lane road and is worth K122 million;

 Gordon industrial roads stage 2, a second phase of the upgrade of roads in the industrial hub of the capital city;

 Kookaburra Road worth K160 million, the road that connects Sir John Guise Drive to the Hubert Murray Highway with a flyover at Erima;

 Erima to 9-Mile 4.3 kilometre road, a four lane bridge constructed at K77 million; and

 Morea Tobo Road, 1.2 kilometre, a four lane road worth K57 million.

The two that are now under tender include the 9-Mile to 17-Mile four-lane road and the 9-mile to Laloki roads.

“The rehabilitation of the Poreporena Highway, funded by the People’s Republic of China. As it is their support for PNG hosting APEC, this will be their legacy,” Mr Kipit said.

“This road is built to take us to 50 years.

“The 6-lane boulevard – Parliament road is a special purpose road and will only be used for special occasions and will be restricted.

“Things have changed in many ways, from 2000-2005 development as in that period things reached a certain milestone when funding was just sufficient.” Post COurier

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