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MPs invited to join active City development programs - Be the change

Members of Parliament have been called to lead our people by example into practicing responsible and preventive health care by joining the Active City Development program’s Walk and Yoga for Life or starting their own in their respective provinces.

Governor Powes Parkop made the call when acknowledging Member for Goroka Hon. Henry Ame who joined and participated in the program last Sunday by walking the 8km Murray Barracks to Paga Hill on Sunday morning. Also participating for the first time was the Chief of Staff of the PNGDF Commander Philip Pokewara

Speaking at the end of the Walk and Yoga for Life on Sunday NCD Governor Hon. Powes Porkop reiterated that life style disease was increasingly becoming a major killer in the country and he hoped that the steps taken by Hon Henry Ame would encourage other Members of Parliament to also take the same steps.

He noted the recent discussions and concerns over life style disease among Members of the Government Caucus and was confident that more Members of Parliament would take similar steps soon.

He acknowledged the participation of Hon Jelta Wong, Hon Justin Tkatchenko and Hon John Kapua in the past but said the participation of Member for Goroka was a milestone and step forward because the Member for Goroka took the initiative himself in recognition of the benefit of the program.

“ I hope your participation today will encourage more of our colleagues to take the same step and also inspire and motivate city residents and our people in the rest of our country to engage in programs that enable them to let go their negative behaviours and choosing to be healthier, practice cleanliness and hygiene, living safe and peaceful lives.”

Governor Parkop also expressed the same token of appreciation to the Chief of Staff of the PNG Defence Force Philip Pokewara and invited him to get his colleagues in the Defence, Police and CIS to also attend and participate.

Mr Parkop explained that the program’s strategy for change adopted by the principles of the Active City Development Program is a way forward as it focuses on each individual to be the change that they wish to see around them.

“ You can’t change your family, your community, your city and your country unless you yourself change and choose to be the change. Be the change that you want for your family, community, city and nation to be. When you change, everyone changes. The way you see things change and you will be a role model. This is at the core of the Active City Development Program. If each person choose to change then collectively we will all change and support each other as individuals, as a family, a community and as a country! We will then be breeding good values in each person and those values will be practiced in all situations whether in the home, markets, work place everywhere”.

According to Parkop, 43-years of independence which saw reliance on a model where the community was at the centre for change, has not been entirely successful. He therefore called for equal emphasis on each individual as well to be the focus and as agents of change.

“As the governor of our city, I am trying to lead by example by trying to become that change that I want to see in our people, communities, our city and the country at large. I am not totally there yet but I am trying my best to get there and I call on our colleagues to do the same starting with practicing responsible and preventive health care” a concerned Parkop said.

Governor Parkop also challenged everyone to do their part to contribute and be a part of solutions instead of adding to the problem for the betterment of our city and our country. He expressed concerned by the fact that 43 years on and with 7 years to go before we are 50 years, the need to do more must be the responsibility of everyone starting with Members of Parliament.

“For me I am impatient for change. 43 years is long enough. We have just 7 more years before PNG hit 50 years so we must do more. It’s usual that people resist change. They are used to their comfort zones but if we want a better future than now is the time to get out of our comfort zones!”

He stated that the Active City Development Program is directed at getting individuals to change themselves first so that they in return can be the agents of change, inspire and motivate others to join the pathway of the same journey.

‘When you change, your family will follow suit. If you can’t do it yourself, how you can you help others to change? If the father does not change to a high values and standard of living, how can his children emulate from him? You have to be the change you want to see in your family, your community, our city and our country,’ he said.

He added that community approach to change the City like the Klinim Boroko Campaign will still go on, equal focus will be in individuals to be the change. Public places like Boroko and other parts of the City will not change unless individuals in the City change he noted.

Mr Parkop repeated his call to City Residents to help get these basic rights. Once these basics like littering, spitting. Graffiti, violence and such challenge are over come Port Moresby will be a greater City for all. The infrastructure and service we can do easily as they are just a matter of having money but it’s these attitude and behaviors that is the bigger challenge in the City.
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