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BSP Support PNG Human Resources Annual Conference

Managing people is the challenge that all businesses face on a daily basis and at the frontline of this task are Human Resource officers.
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Bank South Pacific (BSP) today, presented K30,000 to the PNG Human Resources Institute's (PNGHRI) Council Member, Raymond John as sponsorship toward the staging of the Annual PNGHRI conference, that will be staged in Port Moresby  from the 15th to the 17th of May, 2018.

The PNGHRI Annual National Conference is an opportunity for all HR Practitioners to share skills and knowledge to improve the management of people.

BSP's Head of Talent Management, Betty Elliott presented the cheque saying, "As the leading bank in the South Pacific, employing more than 4000 employees, we understand that the challenges of managing our Human Resource. HR Management is key to ensuring the success of the bank, as in any business," she said.

"And through networks such as PNGHRI, HR professionals from all sectors can come together to discuss ways on how we can help each other in better managing people in our different fields", she added.

PNGHRI's Council Member, Raymond John thanked BSP on behalf of the Institute saying, "Human Resource management is a key area of development for the country and we are pleased to continue this sponsorship which places emphasis on organisations drive to invest in professional development and we are very grateful for BSP's continuous support."

The conference theme this year is "Human Resource Profession, the Soul of all Organisational Development, Performance and Sustainability", will feature topics on Human Resource Profession as a Catalyst in organisational Development, Performance, Sustainability and presentations of PNG organisations 'Best Practise Benchmark Report and Practices'.

BSP believes in building a skilled workforce in the pacific, though capacity building, skills training, mentoring and supporting professional networking and development and as testament to this, the bank was recognised and awarded the "2016 Best Private Sector Employer Award" from PNGHRI at last year's conference.
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