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WHO continues to support Earthquake affected communities in PNG

FIFTY days after the magnitude 7.5 earthquake hit Papua New Guinea, the World Health Organisation (WHO) revealed that its biggest challenge is reaching some of the affected communities due to both damaged infrastructure and security constraints.

Despite these challenges, WHO, that had been there within 24 hours of the quake on February 26, was determined to find ways, alongside the Health Department and partners, to deliver life-saving care to those who needed it.

“WHO responded right away, deploying medicines and supplies to the earthquake-affected areas to treat those who were affected,” said Dr Zhang Zaixing, WHO’s incident manager.

“WHO officers were out there in the field, alongside the Department of Health and partners, assessing the damage to health facilities and working to re-establish life-saving health services.”

Meanwhile, WHO reaffirmed its commitments to the earthquake-affected areas.

“As PNG marks 50 days since the earthquake, our thoughts are with those still suffering from the aftermath of this disaster,” said Dr Luo Dapeng (pictured), WHO’s representative in Papua New Guinea.

“The job is not yet done, there are still massive efforts needed towards recovery. WHO will continue to support authorities to address the key health concerns and ensure that the affected provinces are restored back, better and safer.”
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