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K12 Million budget to boost Bougainville Economy commended

The Autonomous Bougainville Government’s budgetary allocation of K12 million to boost the economic sector has been hailed by many who deem the initiative an important step toward self determination.
Since the inception of the ABG in 2005 much emphasis has been put on the reopening of the Panguna Mine.
The Office of Panguna Negotiations which was set up to cater for the reopening of the mine received an annual allocation of K2 million to foster the negotiations.
With the negotiations on reopening the mine reaching an impasse there are many who feel that the government should be making inroads into the agriculture sector.
The government’s other course of action should be to pursue the nine plantations that were purchased by Australian businessman, Godfrey Mantle after they had fallen on hard times.
Meanwhile ABG Minister for Finance Robin Wilson said that the ABG is taking a proactive approach to focus its attention on investments in the industry.
He adds that this is one of the industries that directly support the livelihood of the people on an everyday basis.
The ABG Department of Finance will be providing support to the Department of Economic Development to ensure this endeavour is included in future budgets. New Dawn FM
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