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Digicel Foundation marks 10th anniversary

Digicel PNG foundation has invested K85 million over the last 10 years directly impacting more than 700,000 Papua New Guineans in communities around the country.
This was revealed today at the launch of the foundations 10th anniversary in Port Moresby.
Ms. Beatrice Mahuru, the CEO of Digicel Foundation said she is delighted of what they have accomplished over the 10 years.
“In the short ten years that we have been in existence, we built 268 elementary schools, 264 primary schools, 31 libraries, 28 mobile clinics and 8 rural aid posts directly impacting the 10% of PNG’s population,’’ said Ms Mahuru.
“I think in no other foundation have we achieved that and I say we because Digicel is owned by one gentleman , Mr Denis O’Brian and it is through his generosity that has caused us to do what we do in PNG”.
Meanwhile, Digicel through its foundation remains a great partner in the social development of local communities, increasing access for special needs community to improve their quality of life.
The Foundation’s main area of focus is; basic health and education, special needs, gender based violence and community building programs.
This is done by expanding access to education using technology, supporting and empowering survivors of domestic violence and by fostering a spirit of self-reliance through sustainable enterprise within communities. PNGFM
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