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Students not equipped for Tertiary Studies in PNG

Half of the University of Papua New Guinea’s science foundation students have flunked their studies.

They will not continue onto their second year because they have failed to meet the minimum required GPA of two.

UPNG’s public relations manager James Robbins announced this yesterday, blaming the education system for producing students who were not well equipped for studies at a higher level.

Mr Robbins said the 43 per cent dropout was for the School of Natural and Physical Sciences alone.

He said other schools like the school of law, business and the school of humanities and social sciences also had their fair share, which added to these alarming statistics.

Mr Robbins also revealed that last year 50 students were accepted as trainee doctors.

In the 2018 academic year, the UPNG medical school will only have five eligible students for the course, a huge drop from last year’s figure.

He said this was a result of students not concentrating on their studies and putting their time and effort into other things.

“We have a quality control and GPAs that everyone must conform to, but if they don’t make that GPA then they cannot go on,” he said.

Mr Robbins also said the quality of students entering the university from high schools was very poor and this showed in their end-of-semester examination results.

“It’s the quality of the students that are coming in from the high schools,” he said.

Mr Robbins said the tuition fee free policy was good because it enabled more children to attend school, but it also created quantity and a lack of quality, adding that there was a lack of quality teachers available in primary and high schools, which also affected the students’ learning.

He said that the removal of Year 8 and the planned removal of the Year 10 examinations would force a huge number of students onto the streets when they reach the tertiary level because many would not be able to meet tertiary level entry requirements. Post Courier/Press Release/ONE PNG

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