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RSIPF appeals to communities to report sexual related offences to police

The Royal Solomon Islands Police Force (RSIPF) appeals to the communities throughout the country to work together with police and report sexual related cases which occur in their families and villages.
Speaking during the weekly police radio program, “Polis blo iu and iu” on the SIBC on 18 January 2018,   RSIPF Assistant Commissioner, Crime, Ian Vaevaso says, “I would like our communities to continue to  report to police any sexual offence committed among our own families, villages or the community at large. We cannot afford to be silent on this issue.”

 AC Vaevaso adds, “Community members must assist police with their investigations into sexual offence cases, educate themselves about such offences and strongly condemn such acts in our communities.”

“I commend some communities within our country that have taken reasonable steps in bringing the perpetrators to the police. This is what police expects from the communities as police are not always around but it is the people who live in the communities and know people among them who commit such offences,” Mr Vaevaso says.

“At the same time, I would like members of the communities to avoid taking the law into their own hands when sexual offences occur involving their family members and relatives. We need to change from this attitude and instead report such cases to the police and assist the investigations by providing information that can be helpful to secure a successful conviction”

AC Vaevaso emphasises, “With the presence of vulnerable people like children and those with disabilities in our communities, we need to be more vigilant. Mothers and caregivers or every family member has the responsibility to ensure that they supervise and know where their children are playing or where they gone to. Do not leave them alone with people you do not trust because they lack the knowledge about danger and self-protection”

“Be aware that most perpetrators are known to the victims as immediate family members, relatives or a person in a position of trust,” explains Mr Vaevaso.

He adds: “Sexual offences are widespread in our communities and I would like to make a call for everyone in our communities to be responsible citizen and take necessary supportive action to prevent sexual violence from happening in our communities. This can be done through good parenting, educating our children, girls and the community about sexual violence and building cohesive communities who care for the safety and wellbeing of their children, girls and women. Always remember to report any incidences of sexual assault or suspicious sexual behaviours to police and support the investigations.”

According to RSIPF Crime Statistics, 146 sexual offence cases were recorded in the country in 2015, 167 in 2016 and 96 cases in 2017. The most prevalent sexual offences recorded is rape, indecent assault and defilement.

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