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PNG Maritime Surveillance Authority issues strong warnings on bad weather

The Papua New Guinea National Maritime Surveillance Authority General Manager and Chief Executive Officer, Paul Unas has issued a stern warning to all small boat owners, operators as well as passengers especially in the Southern Region to reconsider any sea voyages during this severe weather conditions being experienced.

Winds will be up to 80kph and waves also will be more than 4 meters high during the next 7 days and small boat owners, operators and passengers must take extra precautions.

Mr. Unas said, “Safety is the responsibility of the boat owners, operators and passengers. Boats must not be over loaded and Safety equipment and extra fuel should be carried always. He said,” due to bad decisions like overloading of dinghies, running out of fuel, travelling in bad weather and the consumption of alcohol by operators of dinghies and passengers, lives are lost at sea.

On that note, NMSA reminds government of the 15 maritime provinces of their responsibility to ensure a high level of maritime safety is enforced on the people who rely on the sea for their livelihood and sustenance. For this current weather, provincial small crafts have to be notified and are asked to get alerts through their provincial networks.
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