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Funding issues may affect Rural health services in PNG

The issues with funding may affect the West Sepik Provincial Health Authority’s (PHA) focus in improving rural health service this year.
The PHA boss Mr. Alphonse Yalim said, “the matter with funding goes back to the allocation for the provincial health sector in the DSIP and PSIP funds. Often the funds are not delivered on time and sometimes not to the amount expected."
He added that the current economic situation will put further strain on this because it could mean rural Aid Posts might have to go without the needed medical supplies to provide the service to the people.
However, a funding of over K40million has been allocated for the PHA this year. This money will then be broken up into quarterly funding.
Mr. Yalim hopes the amount would suffice for the work to improve the rural health service with medical supplies and the upgrading of Aid Posts, Health Centres and staff houses.
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