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Suspect arrested in Sogeri carjacking bid

A suspect has been arrested following a failed carjacking attempt on an Australian family in Sogeri, Central province, last Saturday, police said.
Sogeri Police Station commander Senior Inspector Stanely Baroro said police were expected to make four more arrests.
Roxy and Vled Steijic, a couple, and Vled’s father were travelling back from Sogeri after a visit to the Varirata National Park on Saturday and saw a vehicle tailing them between 5pm and 5.30pm.
Baroro said the vehicle overtook them and stopped to block their way.
All doors opened and five men rushed towards them with factory made guns.
He said Vled reacted quickly and reversed the vehicle and the family managed to escape.
The carjacking attempt was captured on Vled’s dashboard camera.
“Footage of the attempted carjack is with police. The police have identified one of the suspects who has been arrested,” Baroro said.
Central police commander Chief Inspector Laimo Asi said the suspect arrested was a known criminal who lived at Rouna.
“He has a record of similar cases which he does along Central highways.” The National
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