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Salvation Army gets K80,000 from Malaysian Association

THE Salvation Army received a cheque for K80,000 from the PNG Malaysian Association last Friday.
“The actual amount for this year is K40,000. The other K40,000 is from last year which we didn’t give but we put them together and gave it on Friday,” MAPNG president Pang Heng Chew said yesterday.
In 2012, Salvation Army was given K40,000 then K50,000 the following three years.
Chew said MAPNG was pleased with the Salvation Army for always being transparent in providing accounts of the funds received over the years and would like to see donations the from other charity organisations.
“Salvation Army is doing very well by reaching out to remote communities,” he said
MAPING raised K932,000  in August which will be allocated to 19 organisations, with Port Moresby General Hospital receiving the highest amount of  K222,000
Chew said the donation came from more than 160 businesshouses in Port Moresby.
“All the donations we get from people we give to hospitals, churches and charity organisations, we don’t keep some.”
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