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PM O'Neill rewards Pangu Pati

Pangu Pati Leader Sam Basil has been rewarded a Ministry and his two party members are vice ministers for their move to join government.

The three MP’s sworn into office at Government House this afternoon  were Basil Minister without portfolio and two vice ministers, Member for Sumkar Chris Yer Nangoi and Member for Lufa Moriape Kavori.

The two vice minister are responsible for Fisheries and Education respectively.

Member for Talasea and Minister for Communication Francis Maneke has been decommissioned as Minister.

Prime Minister Peter O’Neill said he will make a minor reshuffle on Monday.

He said the changes will accommodate Pangu as well as to ensure that the best people are accommodated to perform within their respective portfolios.

“Pangu did not come in with conditions attached unlike in the past where Parties demand for positions.”

Pangu Leader Basil thanked the Prime Minister for recognizing his party and is committed to serving the people of Bulolo and PNG. Post Courier/ ONE PNG
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