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BSP links Microbank’s Pipol’s Card to ATMs

Bank South Pacific and the People's Microbank (PMB) today announced an interchange allowing PMB's Pipol's Card to be accepted at any BSP ATM and EFTPoS in PNG.

The cooperation between these two financial institutions showcases the potent relationship that can exist between a microbank and a commercial bank and builds financial inclusion to the unbanked population in the country.

BSP has the largest ATM and EFTPoS, with over 300 ATMs and 9000 EFTPoS merchants in PNG. Once implemented, the project will allow PMB customers' access to card based electronic banking services everywhere in PNG through the development of an interface to BSP's switch.

PMB's customers will now have accessibility, convenience and the security to access their account information, check balances and withdraw cash at any BSP ATM or make payments via a BSP EFTPoS and obtain cash through the use of their Pipol's Card.

Speaking at the announcement today, CEO for the People's Microbank, Anthony P dela Cruz said, "It is advancement into the rapidly evolving financial ecosystem in PNG. Our partnership with Bank South Pacific Limited ensures that we are able to make financial services easily accessible to a broader spectrum of population across the country."

BSP's Area Manager for NCD, Ms Nuni Kulu said, "The benefits of this for People's Micro Bank customers are enormous in that they can use BSP electronic access points, despite the fact that they don't bank with BSP."

The Bank's commitment illustrates our willingness to assist provide more Papua New Guineans access to electronic banking. We congratulate the People's Microbank for taking this bold step, to improve its service delivery.

These advancements and progress were a result of the huge investments and technical support from PMB, and the collaborations and partnership with BSP.
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