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Fiji Primary Schools and teachers awarded for commitment to Financial Education

Suva, Fiji – Four primary schools in Fiji and three teachers have each been awarded Financial Education (FinED) Innovation Awards for their commitment to applying financial education learnings through innovative projects as part of the inaugural RBF Financial Education Innovation Awards

The Awards celebrate the achievements of primary schools in Fiji that have supplemented the FinED learning in their classrooms with innovative FinED projects. These projects allow students to enhance and demonstrate their FinED learning through real-life application of sound money management practices. By putting into practice their classroom learning, students who may not typically interact with money on a daily basis, have the opportunity to transform their understanding on: the value of money, financial services and products available, accessing these and of mitigating and managing financial risks, amongst others.

The entries were judged based on the impact that the FinED projects have had on the lives of the students, their families or community in the areas of saving, spending wisely and investing and whether the financial behaviour of the students have been impacted.

Two notable winning entries to the awards were:

· Ratu Ravuama Vunivalu Memorial School under the championship of Year 6 teacher Betty Carter Sukulu-Rasaku became the first-ever primary school to invest in units with the Fiji Holdings Unit Trust. The project started in 2016 with 28 students being granted 50 units in addition to their savings. Today their investment totals $3,037.00. This project led to Fijian Holdings Unit Trust and the school to launch an investment campaign to create awareness for the whole school and the school community. The school is also working toward starting a small farm to encourage the students to learn critical farming and money management skills.

· Sigatoka Special School also received a commendation for the lessons that it had undertaken for children with special needs. The judges were impressed by the level of comprehension and understanding shown by the students on the various money values together with their application of budgeting and income generation skills.

The Reserve Bank of Fiji Governor Mr. Ariff Ali, said that the judging panel (RBF, Ministry of Education and PFIP) were very impressed by the submissions to the awards.

“We are very proud of this successful project and with each passing year, we are witnessing more and more inspirational impact stories where students who have received the FinED learning are changing the way they interact with money and increasingly thinking about saving for their future,” he said.

“Whilst the project has officially been handed over to the Ministry of Education for their full management, the RBF and the Pacific Financial Inclusion Programme are happy to announce support for these awards to be extended for another

The winning primary schools received $2,000 cash plus a trophy while the winning primary school teachers received $1,000 cash with a trophy

The winners were awarded at the Fiji Head Teachers Association Annual Conference that was held from 14 -15 September 2017.

The awards were funded by the Australian Government through the Pacific Financial Inclusion Programme – FinED Fiji Project.

List of winning schools and teachers

District Name School/Teacher

1 Innovation Recognition Sigatoka School for Special Education School

2 Western Maigania Muslim Primary School School

3 Western Zahida Ali (Arya Kanya Pathsala) Teacher

4 Northern Muanidevo Primary School School

5 Central Ratu Ravuama Primary School School

6 Central Betty Carter Sukulu-Rasaku (Ratu Ravuama School) Teacher

7 Maritime Kitione Ligavatu (Uluinakorovatu Primary School)

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