The Changing Face of City of Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea

Welcome to this weeks edition of Urban Development News. Whether you are away overseas or have no time to visit the capital of Papua New Guinea for sometime, we here  at ONEPNG.COM are delighted to bring to you some of the development news taking place in Port Moresby.  Below are some of the developments taking place in Port Moresby and we put them in pictorial form.

1. APEC Haus
One of the developments that changing the face of Port Moresby is the construction of APEC Haus. Construction is taking place  as shown on the two photos below. Cranes are already put up and construction is underway.

Photo 1a APEC Haus Construction 
Photo 2b: Construction of APEC Haus underway

2. Downtown Port Moresby.
Several cranes have been put up in the downtown are to build some more skyscrapers.  We will update more on this development soon.

Picture 2a. Downtown Port Moresby
More skyscrapers are being built in the Northern end of the downtown area.

Picture 2b: View of Downtown from Ela Beach 

3.  Harbours City
Port Moresby's skyline is moving towards Harbous City area as there are not enough space in town area for further development.
Photo of Harbours City, view from freeway. 

4. Ela Beach Redevelopment
Port Moresby is now being rebuilt into a  modern city. All the amenities that  a modern cities have are now being put up at Ela Beach. The beach is undergoing redevelopment and  this will make Port Moresby city  one of the livable cities in the Pacific.
Photo 4a. Ela Beach undergoing redevelopment
Tougaba Hill development is changing Port Moresby completely. View from Ela Beach

5. Hillton Hotels
The famous Hilton Hotel  is being built in the Hohola suburbs. This also adds to the changing face of the City of Port Moresby.

Photo 5: Hilton Hotel under construction
The pictorial information above are only some of the developments taking place in Port Moresby. In our next edition, we will publish  more of the other developments that we think are transforming the city.

Note: If you are in the provinces and if  you see developments taking place in your town, you can send us the details and some photos to us. We will publish them right here on ONEPNG.COM.  email us at:  

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