Caretaker PNG Deputy PM Abel admits government failures but Optimistic of future

Newly appointed Deputy Prime Minister Charles Abel has acknowledged that mistakes have been made but continued humility and commitment of improving on those mistakes will continue to maintain the Government’s stance on listening to the people of PNG.

DPM Abel said that the Government was committed to improve and to build on good things which have been done in the past.

He highlighted on the speeches done by Minister for Petroleum and Energy William Duma, Governor of New Ireland Sir Julius Chan and NCD Governor Powes Parkop who in congratulating the Prime Minister Peter O’Neill on Wednesday had made reference to the Government’s approach of being honest that their mistakes were there and needed improvement.

Mr Abel thanked the Prime Minister for his trust in him to give him the honor of being the Deputy PM.

“I am honored and privileged and from my family, and my people and the Southern region I am so humbled in serving the people of PNG.”

“I praise the Lord that the country continues to go forward, we exercise democracy and we appreciate that privilege and I am honored that the people of Alotau played a large part in the formation of the Government.”

There are many challenges ahead of us and I believe we have a good hardworking PM Mr Abel said.

“He’s (PM) a good man, hardworking and we just want to form a good team around him.”

I am pleased and will continue to do my best in this capacity as DPM and should I be given other portfolios I will continue to do my best Mr Abel said. Post Courier/ One PNG
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