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User-pay parking system for Port Moresby City

THE National Capital District Commission will be implementing a user-pay system for all public parking spaces throughout the city.

NCD Governor Powes Parkop said they have already engaged a company to soon trial the system at the Port Moresby Central Business District before it can be rolled out to the rest of the city.

“It is intended to achieve two goals, which are to raise revenue, not necessarily a lot of revenue but also to control parking in the city. People just park all over the place,” he said.

“So when we start implementing that, all the drivers in the city will have to be careful where they park, because their vehicles might be towed away or clamped. They will have to pay a fee then they can get their vehicles, otherwise we hold it until they pay a fee.”

The system will also apply to taxi drivers.

NCDC Deputy City Manager for Engineering Division Simon Vai, said taxi drivers are some of the worst drivers who park anywhere — in the middle of the road, PMV bays, and footpaths and create unnecessary traffic jams, risking commuter’s lives.

He said at present NCDC has no control over these issues, which are against traffic laws and are dealt with by the traffic police.

In the meantime, certain taxi drivers raised concerns over the high number of taxies — both private and company owned in the city, as a result of the city’s expansion and the increasing business potential, and that the commission should create more parking space specifically for the taxis.

However, Mr Vai said there is not enough space for the creation of taxi bays in the city.
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