May 22, 2017

Koiari Landowners assured

Secretary for the Department of Works, David Wereh has assured Koiari landowners they are processing part of the promised 10 million kina payment for the rehabilitation of the Iowari to Sirinumu dam.
NEC had earlier made a 10 million kina commitment to rehabilitate over 5 kilometres of that , but despite some work being done on the road, the landowners claim that the contractor had stopped due to lack of funds.
Works Secretary David Wereh said a contractor had been working on the road, and payment is in process to complete the road works.
However, he told NBC news that not all monies committed will be paid, as it has not being budgeted for in this year's budget.
This has not gone down well with Koiari LLG President Ogi David, he said the payment has taken too long.
“I am totally disturbed at the way people are walking that track, like donkeys, you know, it’ becoming a mule track.
The next step we will take will be to shut down the valve, throw away the key and forget everything,” Mr Ogi said
The Landowners have set June 2nd as dead line for them to shut down the main water valve, as government failed to honor its commitment.
NBC News