Published On:April 24, 2017
Posted by Staff Report

Fiji Kava confiscated in PNG

More than 170 kilogrammes of Fijian kava have been confiscated by the National Agriculture Quarantine and Inspection Authority (NAQIA) because they were illegally imported.

NAQIA officers confiscated the 11 cartons containing the Bilo Sinai kava powder in 500 grams packets which arrived on an Air Niugini flight last week.

NAQIA managing director Joel Alu said each passenger was allowed a maximum of one kilogram of kava. Alu told The National that the illegal import of large quantities of kava from Fiji could have been taking place for some time without being detected.

“This incident occurred last week when we sighted this consignment of kava in 11 boxes which was not declared,” Alu said.

He said it was illegal to bring kava in such a large amount into the country.

“NAQIA views this incident as very serious and illegal. We will be looking into this especially with the particular importer that brought this from Fiji,” Alu said.

“When you bring one can of Ox and Palm to Nadi airport, the Fijians almost immediately like a guard dog jump onto the Ox and Palm or our Paradise biscuit. This is 170 kilograms of kava being illegally imported into this country. We will properly investigate this matter.

“And if there are criminal charges to be laid against these people involved, then we will lay criminal charges.”

He said the consignment was for a textile company based in Port Moresby.

“With a large quantity like this, it could mean that the illegal kava imports have been taking place for a while and that it was for commercial purposes to resell rather than personal consumption which is only one kilogramme allowed to be brought in without declaring it.”.


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