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Polye lauds Sir Mekere's plan to return to politics

PORT MORESBY: Former Prime Minister Sir Mekere Morauta’s plan to return to politics in this year’s election has attracted the Opposition’s applause.
Leader Don Polye said they were rolling out red carpet for his return to what he quitted almost five years ago.
“Given that the Grand Chief Sir Michael Somare is retiring from politics this year, we will be left with only former Prime Minister Sir Julius Chan in the next Parliament.
“We will need Sir Mekere, Sir Julius, Sir Rabbie Namaliu and other founding fathers who have set good precedent of upholding rule of law and justice, democracy, good governance, systems of governance and other pillars of the country,” said Mr Polye when commenting on Sir Mekere’s announcement of his comeback to politics.
These pillars of nationhood, he said, were abused and breached repeatedly for political convenience, citing the level of corruption was unprecedented under the O’Neill-Dion government.
Polye said the founding fathers would add value in the next government if elected to Parliament this election, adding Morauta intended to contest either his former Moresby North-West or NCD regional seat.
The Opposition Leader admitted that since his retirement, his successor lacked the leadership which he used to provide in both his electorate and the country as a whole.
He further said Mekere was much capable of occupying one of the seats.
Polye claimed the current MPs representing the seats were shying away from abuse of human rights (i.e. eviction of settlers in Port Moresby), rife in corruption, breach of rule of law and erosion of democracy among others.
“Our alternate government needs him and other honest, godly leaders to form a better government which our people have long wished for,” determined Polye said.
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