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PNG PM O'Neill invites US President to for PNG APEC 2018

Prime Minister Peter O"Neill has formally invited the United States President, Donald Trump, to visit Papua New Guinea for the 26th Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation Leaders' Summit in 2018.

In a correspondence with President Trump, Prime Minister ONeill highlighted the unique nature of the APEC process and its relevance to economic advancement for all member economies.

The APEC Leaders' Summit will be held on the17th and 18th of November, 2018.

Mr. ONeill invited President Trump to attend the summit and meet with other 20 APEC Leaders and Pacific Island State Leaders.

Having only recently been sworn into office, President Trump is one of the final leaders to be invited to attend the APEC Summit in 2018.

Almost all APEC leaders have now been invited to attend APEC Papua New Guinea 2018, and have responded confirming their attendance.

During the APEC year in Papua New Guinea, more than 200 meetings will take place covering policy areas, at the technical level, that are vital for regional economic development.

This includes areas such as agriculture, fisheries, disaster preparedness, healthcare, forestry, science and technology, small business and energy.

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