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PNG Opposition demands explanation on the handling of K11 million for military operation in Hela Province

THE Opposition has demanded explanation from Prime Minister, Peter O’Neill, on the handling of millions of kina budgeted for security operations in the Hela province.

The Opposition questioned why Chief Secretary to government, Issac Lupari is handling the funds over-looking established institutions mandated to handle such funds.

Opposition Leader, Don Polye questioned why established institutions such as the police department and PNGDF which are in the forefront of the operations are not handling these funds.

“Millions of kina in tax payers money set aside for the operations must be handled by established institutions and not an individual, in this case, Issac Lupari,” said Mr Polye.

Speaking from Goroko, Eastern Highlands Province, Polye said for purposes of transparency and accountability, the functions of handling these funds must be handed over to both the police and PNGDF administration.

“We have seen massive corruption within the government system involving millions of kina and we cannot trust an individual and few selected officers handling these funds,” said the Opposition Leader.

Polye said Prime Minister Peter O’Neill and Lupari are continuously breaking the constitution, influencing and interfering with police and army operations in the Hela province.

“Both O’Neill and Lupari must keep their sticky fingers away from this K11 million set aside for the security operations,” said Polye.

The Opposition leader accused both O’Neill and Lupari of interfering with security operations in Hela.

He described the Hela Operations as another “smoke screen” by Lupari and O’Neill to make money for themselves.

Polye said Opposition will not sit by and watch public funds being squandered.

He said Opposition in its effort to fight corruption will raise this issue.
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