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International Satellite operator in Papua New Guinea

SATELLITE operator, Asia Broadcast Satellite aims to partner with PNG businesses in the ICT industry and introduce products that will complement current services in PNG and benefit everyone. Managing director Gabriel Pimentel said they are looking forward to bringing in new packages that will benefit not only the Internet Service Providers (ISPs) but individual internet users as well. Mr Pimentel said this after NICTA chief executive officer Charles Punaha gave PNG’s statistics on internet penetration, stating that PNG currently remains at 10 per cent, which is the lowest on a global scale, even lower than Fiji which is 100 per cent.

 Mr Punaha said this is because the cost of rolling out internet network in PNG is very expensive and that’s compounded by the topographical conditions of the country. “We also have very isolated communities and for connectivity purposes, it is very difficult to connect them, and these result in very high cost of rolling out ICT services in PNG. “Once you have competition in the market and prices come down, it triggers higher demand for bandwidth that can create reliable service,” he said. Mr Pimentel also revealed that ABS has developed a village Wi-Fi solution which combines the earth station with solar power modem and Wi-Fi. 

They plan to deploy this in PNG so that they have one need package for a very remote area. “Time has been on our side in terms of prices for solar power dropping, reliability being there and we’ll be looking to deploy these kinds of solutions in the country,” he said. In the future, ABS plans to offer wired broadband services such as the FTTH (Fibre-To-The-Home) and P2P/P2MP (Point-to-Point/ Point-To-Multi-Point) connectivity platforms for its PNG customers. It has provided a detailed service description in phases, including rollout plans. The company disclosed its financial capacity to support its deployment and operations, and has also provided its interception capability.
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