December 24, 2016

Malaysian woman slap with second charge in PNG

A MALAYSIAN woman involved in the illicit items and sex toys bust has been slapped with a second charge and refused bail. Anita Ting Mee Siong was charged at Boroko Police station in Port Moresby, PNG.

The marijuana was found in her possession in the vehicle she was driving prior to being granted a bail of K10, 000. Earlier she was charged under section 16 of the immigration’s act for illegally living in PNG.

Assistant Police Commissioner of Police NCD/Central Commander Sylvester Kalaut when briefing on the charges said it was up to her lawyer to take it to national court for bail.

Commander Kalaut said she is now under investigation by police to establish other information of interest to the police. The possession of the vehicle which is believed to be owned by an MP is also subject to police investigations.

“Once we confirm that we will invite the MP for questioning,” Kalaut said. The vehicle is now in the hands of the Malay woman’s Lawyer.

The commander said the items confiscated by police at this point are not confirmed as drugs until tested. Those items in police custody, if satisfied as drugs, police will proceed with other charges.

Police are still awaiting arrangement with Australian police for tests. Commander Kalaut said the lawyer has advised police that the items were facial beauty products but will be further investigated.

“We are suspicious because the items were hidden in a concealed place,” Kalaut said. Also police are in contact with Customs for an authorization for further charges relating to the sex toys which are contraband items.

Once the police investigation is complete she will be handed over to immigrations. Post Courier