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Bank South Pacific spends K6.7 million in community aid in PNG

BANK South Pacific Limited has reported record levels of community support totaling K6.7 million since 2009 around the country.

"There are 46 community projects delivered by BSP branches and sub-branches in PNG in the sectors of education, health and environment focused on renewable energy," Bulolo branch manageress Bavilon Kahona Homuo said.

Mrs Homuo revealed this when officiating at the St Stevens Primary School’s 13th graduation ceremony last week.

"This year BSP invested K1.1 million and 287 individual community projects which is an accumulation since 2009 showing that the community is at the heart of BSP.

"When the community is at the heart, the BSP looks at ways to improve education, share knowledge and skills through our banking education programs that are delivered through our branches," Mrs Homuo said.

Mrs Homuo said BSP charges many fees but those fees pave ways for beneficial projects and programs given back to communities with banking education one initiative that has delivered financial literacy to thousands of Papua New Guineans since 2014.

She said BSP reached 30,178 people across PNG where 46 percent of participants are women who are empowered with knowledge to be self-sustained and venture into small business opportunities to feed their families.

"Almost 120 are qualified financial literacy trainers in all branches across PNG and this year, they visited 60 villages, 55 businesses, 142 schools and 39 church groups as well as having 303 agents in communities providing basic banking services closer to the people at their doorstep.

"This is important because we believe that when our people and children are educated in savings, budgeting and money management, we are all able to make informed decisions. It’s always best to start now, when children are young.

"I encourage parents and students to feel free to talk to me about our Kids Savings Account and the Sumatin Account, which are key fee free products tailored for children," Mrs Homuo said. Post courier/One PNG
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