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Teachers involved in distribution of exam papers will face the full force of the law

Teachers discovered to be involved in handing out exam answer sheets or exam papers will be dealt with by the law.
That's the stern message from the minister for education when responding to questions from the member for Wabag in parliament today on what he is doing to deal with these exam cheat reports in the media.
The minister said the department is doing its part in dealing with it and has also revealed that already three teachers of a secondary school in Port Moresby are now in police custody after being found in possession of exam answer sheets.
However, the Minister said some incidents of cheating reported in the media are not true, adding that some school contacted regarding the reports confirm that there were no such incidents, but there have been some incidents just recently.
“The department is investigating an issue that came out of Minyamya secondary in Morobe over a break in to the principal office with criminals walking away with exam papers. These papers later got into the hands of teachers in Gerehu Secondary in Port Moresby and some schools in Southern Highlands.”
Meanwhile, the minister calls on all teachers to perform their duties in grooming students to be good citizens and not to teach them the wrong things like cheating.
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