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Provincial Governments are responsible for the affairs of health service delivery says Kase

The secretary was commenting on an article on Wednesday, National newspaper about the stage of health systems in East Sepik Province which affects rural aid posts.
Secretary Kase said that it was about time provinces take charge of their health services and ensure health services are delivered to the rural majority and urban disadvantaged as stipulated under the National Health Plan, 2011-2020.
“That is why, the government has created the Provincial Health Authority (PHA) so that the powers of the NDoH are decentralised to the provinces to ensure effective and efficient, safe and quality health care,” Kase said.
He said that the funding from the National Government goes straight to them (PHA) so the onus is with the PHA to strengthen primary health care and improve the health service delivery of this country in consultation with their Provincial Governments.
“All the powers to improve the health of the people in the country remains with the PHA, their Members of Parliament, District Development Authority, stakeholders and the communities,” he said adding that each province is in charge of the implementation of the health services programs.
“The department of health develops and monitors policies are implement for effective and sufficient health services deliveries and we oversee their (PHA) programs are executed promisingly for patient care and needs,” Kase said.
He allude that NHP is a blueprint for transforming the country’s health services when it comes to strengthening primary health care and improvement of services delivery for the people of this country thus avoiding any complexity.
The NHP envisages community health posts (once Aid posts) are up and running providing safer and quality health care with additional infrastructure, Kase said.
Meanwhile, the secretary said that the NDoH has faith on the PHAs in the country for effective implantation of the NHP and he urges leaders in the provinces to support health service deliver programs for their people.

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