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Papua New Guinea to receive 7.2m HIV/AIDS drugs from India

APUA New Guinea is expected to receive a huge boost of 7.2 million HIV/AIDS prescription drugs from India soon.

In a brief recently from Health Secretary Pascoe Kase, "the goods are being prepared and we should expect them anytime now."

That is the assurance from the health department. The department did not specify the date of the arrival of these medicines but soon is anytime from now.

The deputy secretary Pasion Dakulala has been tasked to give updates on the arrival of those medicines from the Indian embassy.

Officials from the Indian embassy have confirmed that the drugs will arrive next month and will be distributed through the health department.

This HIV/AIDS prescription is a gift from India that was announced by the Indian President Shri Pranab Mukherjee when he visited the country in April.

The arrival of this should be a boost to the shortage of antiretroviral drugs being experienced currently throughout the country for people living with HIV/AIDS.

The shortage of this important medication was also raised during Parliament session yesterday.

India will also send medical equipment to monitor and maintain chemicals and its operations on HIV/AIDS in Papua New Guinea. Post Courier
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