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Nambawan Super opens new head office in Port Moresby

Boasting of more than 155,000 Members nationwide, the Nambawan Super focused on the contribution of long time and new Members when opening its brand new 11th story Head Office, now located in down town Port Moresby at the Old Parliament area.

 It adds an extra 11,000m of space for staff and services. Constructed by the Lamana Development Limited the work progress was quite slow but the Members can be assured that their investment was worth the wait.

The Opening of the Nambawan Plaza also marks its 7th building to be opened in Port Moresby and owned by the Fund. Under this same investment , a new 13th Level Apartment Residential is also under construction and reflects a new long term view of the fund and its vision. Chairman of the Board, Anthony SMARE in its 2015 Annual Report stated that the Board is pleased with the overall results of the fund for its Members given what has been an increasing challenging year economically in PNG.

 K280M was recorded in after tax profit which enabled the fund to apply 5.8% crediting rate to members’ accounts and to reserve K102M to assist the fund in addressing any challenges this year. Present during the Opening included members in the likes of Nurses, Police Officers and even retired Members who are and had been highlighted as the very people behind such an investment, These individuals, together with Mr Smare, officially cut the ribbon to mark this milestone for Nambawan Super. It’s Mission, “ To provide financial security for our Members and their families.”

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