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Enga Governor Sir Ipatas confident PM O'Neill to remain

ENGA Governor Sir Peter Ipatas welcomed the Supreme Court ruling to recall Parliament this week, but is confident Parliament will back Prime Minister Peter O’Neill to complete his term.

Sir Peter called for political stability following the decision of the Supreme Court to recall Parliament to deal with a motion of no confidence lodged by the Opposition.

He assured the people of Papua New Guinea that the ruling People’s National Congress Party remained solid and that the Government would continue delivering services to the people.

"This is the decision of the highest court in the land. We respect it and Parliament will sit and conduct its business according to standing orders.

"The Office of the Prime Minister belongs to the people, and Parliament is the appropriate and proper forum to determine who occupies this office, through Members of Parliament who are mandated with that responsibility.

"We exercised that responsibility in 2012, and we will do so again on Friday.

"I want to assure our people that as a government, we will continue to support Prime Minister Peter O’Neill.

"The numbers of the People’s National Congress party and its coalition partners remain solid.

"We want political stability in our country. We have provided that for four years, and we will see it through to the 2017 General Elections, which is only nine (9) months away.

"In 2017 the people will again exercise their constitutional right to elect a new Parliament, and a new government. That is the process enshrined in the constitution, and all of us, whether civil society, students, unions, or politicians, must respect this.

"The last thing we want is people with vested interest going around to create a political vacuum and chaos.

"In four years our country has seen a lot of positive changes under the leadership of Prime Minister O’Neill.

"He has an impressive track record and I am confident Parliament will overwhelmingly vote for him to complete his term," Sir Peter said.

Source: Post Courier/ONE PNG
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