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PNG's preparations for FIFA U20 Women's World Cup on Target

Preparation for the FIFA U20 Womens World Cup is progressing well and Port Moresby will be ready to host the competition.

This is the assurance from Minister for Sports and National Events, Justin Tkatchenko when speaking to the press this afternoon in Port Moresby.

While work on the venues and facilities are progressing well, few FIFA officials are also currently in the country to monitor the preparations and to ensure preparations are on target.

"With the FIFA officials here in the country we are working closely with them, but it is important that the facilities that we are building meet the criteria and standards that are required by FIFA and I believe work on the facilities is heading in the right direction and we will be ready,” said Minister Tkatchenko.
Meanwhile, CEO of PNG Sports Foundation, Peter Tsiamalili-Jnr said that there are certain issues regarding the preparations which they are progressively working together to meet FIFA standards.
He further added that, all venues that are going to be used during the World Cup are on target with preparations and he is confident that they will meet the deadline set by FIFA. PNGFM/ ONE PNG
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