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Sewerage overflow is a common phenomenon in utilities worldwide and although we are the Entity that is responsible for sewerage in the city, this issue needs a holistic approach.
EDA RANU has been inundated with consumer complaints on sewerage blockages and overspills on a daily basis, many of which are avoidable. The lack of proper city planning, aging infrastructure and irresponsible waste disposal management by consumers, businesses and the construction Industries in the city are some of the major factors contributing to the stink.

These issues need to be highlighted and collectively addressed by all concerned authorities if the problem of sewerage overflows and blockages are to be reduced in the City.
There are two types of sewer blockages, public (blockages in the main sewer lines, 7 mile, Gordons market, tokarara etc) that Eda Ranu is responsible for whilst private (blockages in the private lines which services residences) is the responsibility of individual business owners or landlords most complaints are with regards to blockages on the main sewer lines, a clear case of negligence and lack of policing by Authorities on Industrial waste disposal methods.
For instance, most complaints arise from sewer lines which services big hotels, restaurants, food processing factories and most recently major road and building construction sites. Often EDA RANU is not consulted in the initial stages of planning for construction until there is a blockage in the sewer system which upon investigations unearths foreign objects such as construction helmets, bricks, oil and thick grease which has coagulated over time.

EDA RANU has three network teams consisting of about 5 workmen who are daily doing the sewerage rounds in a city with a population of 400 000 plus and the task is daunting but we preserve to do our job as best we can.
We will continue to do our job but we also appeal to relevant Authorities who:
1. Authorise licenses for Industries such as hotels, restaurants and fast food joints and kaibars to monitor and ensure they have grease traps as a prerequisite (grease traps which are constantly cleaned and in good working condition),
2. Include EDA RANU in the initial stages of building or road construction planning to ensure that Engineers get it right from the start, and
3. Consult EDA RANU to identify manholes and proper sewer lines to avoid building over or blocking them.
We also ask the general public in sewered areas not to open manhole covers / lids and dump solid matters into it that will only disrupt normal sewage flow and cause overflows at manholes downstream.

Thank you consumers for patience and please continue to keep us informed through the following mediums: email info@edaranu.com.pg, or on our 24hrs Hotline: 312 2100 mobile 703 11573/4 or on fax: 312 2192, 312 2194.
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