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Central Waigani to beat Downtown Port Moresby

Skyline at Central Waigani, Port Moresby
The Central Waigani is located 15 km away from Downtown Port Moresby. Central Waigani is the home of PNG Government.  Most of the government buildings including the Parliament House are located at central Waigani. Also most foreign missions including the Chinese Embassy, British High Commission,  Australian and New Zealand High Commissions and so on are located at Central Waigani. 

In the next decade, Central Waigani will soon beat Downtown Port Moresby. This is because Business houses are interested in doing business at the Central Waigani area and now setting up offices there. For instance, the tall skyscraper  as shown in the  photo above is currently being built by HR. Many more such  skyscrapers are being built in the area. This include the 18-storey skyscraper Hilton Hotel which is under construction along Wards Road Hohola that will also  form the skyline of Central Waigani.  Other buildings on the line include, 15-story Education Centre that will house the Education Department. 

Hilton Hotels under construction

Meanwhile, development in Downtown area is slowing down  as there are limited spaces available  for further construction of buildings. However, Paga Hill Development is constructing state-of-the-heart buildings that will further transform downtown Port Moresby into modern city.

Artistic expression of Pagahill development

Harbors City

Because of space limitations at downtown area, many construction work are done at  Harbours City 

Downtown Port Moresby

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