May 4, 2016

PNG Customs to improve compliance in industry standards to deter fake goods and products entry

The increase in fake goods and products such as medicine, tinned goods and power tools has seen an increase in non-compliance of custom laws and industry standards in our region fuelling unscrupulous and illegal business, depriving Government’s revenue and threatening public health and safety.
As a result of this PNG Customs Services (PNGCS) through its Compliance and Procedure Division conducted an awareness workshop on its requirements in the industry, the workshop also featured presentations by relevant industry regulators such as IPA, ICCC and NICTA on how the best industry practices and standards and their implication with respect to PNGCS.
“When we have regulators here we trying to emphasise that these are customs requirements and standards at our borders and they see what customs does and see what they are regulating on, for example when ICCC comes out it’s all about goods like food, Department of Health it’s all about the medicine, what’s expected here and what’s not and we are working together with all these companies and regulators to stop what’s not suppose to come into the country,” said Stella Ireng, the senior advising Officer for Passenger Policy and Intellectual Property Rights and Passenger Policy.
External Stakeholders and private and public companies also conducted awareness on their products educating participants and PNG Customs workmen and women what to look for between the genuine products and their branding and fake counterfeit goods that look genuine and come through our borders and pass through causing so much revenue and health issues.
This is the fourth time PNGCS have conducted an awareness workshop of this kind with previous workshops conducted in other provinces; however, this is the first time in which regulatory bodies and industry heavyweights gathered in one room and going forward.
This awareness hopes to achieve education in all factors concerning compliance of customs regulations and regulating industry standards which will be both favourable for consumers and all stakeholders, above all the prevention of fake counterfeit materials and products entering the country.