May 4, 2016

CIMC meeting reveals lack of coordination and accountability in transport infrastures

The National Roads Authority is lacking Coordination especially with the Works Department and other responsible Authorities in making sure road projects in the country are completed and maintained.

The Works Department has been called to be strict and disciplined in using funds following their lack of accountability in utilising these funds.
Manufacturers Council PNG CEO Chey Scovell said secure and visibility funds for maintenance works must be strictly used for maintenance and not other emergencies and the Works Department must improve in that area. He said roads, new and rehabilitated are not meeting required standards and are not maintained and deteriorated due to lack of coordination
Meanwhile Contract Prices in PNG have been a major barrier to project implementations in the Country. This was revealed by Direct for Institute of National Affairs Paul Barker today at the Consultative Implementation and Monitoring Council meeting on Transport and Infrastructural Developments in the country.
Mr Barker said very high contract prices have caused difficulties in the awarding of contracts which see most infrastructural developments (roads, jetties, bridges) being awarded to uncertified contractors for lower prices which most projects were not fully implemented and are not meeting required standards.Team Leader for the High Impact Project office of the Department of Works Mr Bruce Warner also confirmed that these prices have not change in his three years of monitoring these contract prices.
Furthermore the Rural Airstrip Authority will be reviewing its policy of maintaining rural airstrips in the country.
The Authority has also revealed that their funding were parked in the Treasury still and they have been engaging locals in cleaning and maintaining the Airstrips and this will change once they review their policy.
Airfield Administrator of the Department of Transport Kailou Manoi said the Authority will be looking at engaging certified contractors to conduct proper maintenance of all rural Airstrips once funds are available after the review.