May 21, 2016

Former UPNG SRC President tells students to follow rules of engagement to achieve stand

UNIVERSITY students and the public, who are involved in the current unrest, pressuring the Prime Minister Peter O'Neill  to step down, must behave themselves to achieve their stand.

They must follow proper laws and rules of engagement to raise their call on Peter O’Neill to step down, or they may not achieve what they are fighting for. Goroka lawyer Peter Numa said this yesterday, adding that the current issue is of national interest.

Mr Numa, who was 2013 UPNG SRC president, called on the students and the public to control their emotions and not to loot shops or disturb the general public because that would only jeopardise the cause of the protest.

Mr Numa, who led the 2013 UPNG students strike against the Manus asylum seeker deal, also urged the students not to take sides with political parties and try to serve their interest.

“Why I’m saying this is because opportunists and political interests have always had a major influence on university student protests or strikes,” Mr Numa said.

The former UPNG SRC president said he was offered K300,000 in cash by people from the Government during the 2013 UPNG student unrest but declined to take it.

Mr Numa stressed that the current issue regarding the office of the Prime Minister of this country is an important matter.

“The reputation and integrity of the office of the Prime Minister is at stake,” Mr Numa said.

“This will reflect what kind of country we are to the whole world and it can affect our growth and development.”

He urged the police to perform their constitutional duties and not to dictate the protesting students and public and said they are mature to handle things properly.

Post Courier / ONE PNG