May 6, 2016

BSP supports HR conference

BSP is a strong support of nation building and supporting human resource development through its own initiatives and activities, including others like the Papua New Guinea Human Resource Institute (PNGHRI) National Conference.
BSP is supporting this human resources conference, to be held from 17th – 19th May, with K10, 000.
PNGHRI President, Jerry Wemin, praised BSP for its continuous support and acknowledged the bank’s partnership in helping develop the PNG’s human resources.
“PNGHRI believes there is no successful PNG without an engaged national workforce. The next 40 years must be PNG’s “Era of the people.” To achieve our Government Vision 2050 Goals, PNG’s People must among the top 50 nations of the world. Only competent people will shape our country and its future.” Mr Wemin said.
BSP’s Career Development Manager, Hitolo Galamo,when handing over the cheque today, saidBSP is pleased with the initiative PNGHRI has, bringing together HR professionals to discuss issues that currently affect human resource specialists in the country.
“BSP is one of the largest employers in PNG and the Pacific with over 4000 staff. We are a strong supporter of human resource development. This is demonstrated in our HR programs within the organisation and training for our staff,” added Hitolo.
“We support new graduates through our Graduate Development Program, through coaching and mentoring programs, while we build and nurture leaders within the organisation though the BSP Leadership Development Program (LDP) program.”