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Eastern Highlands Capital under seize

Municipal services in the Eastern Highlands capital, Goroka, have come to a complete standstill after thousands of missile wielding tribesmen from Kainantu took over the township today. (Tuesday 05/03/16)
Goroka town is now under heavy police security tonight as tension remains high.
Disgruntled supporters of Provincial Administrator Solomon Tato marched through the town from Governor Julie Soso's residence, to the Yanepa Building.
They wanted to present Ms. Soso a petition demanding a 10-million-Kina compensation to Mr. Tato.
But Governor Soso could not be bothered.
The rampage follows yesterday's shooting incident in which armed policemen shot at Administrator Tato's residence in Kainantu.
Mr. Tato's supporters were instead confronted by Samson Akuani's faction in the centre of town resulting in a stone and stick throwing match causing people to flee in all direction in fear of their lives.
Several vehicles were damaged.
Police fired several rounds of teargas to disperse the opposing factions.
A similar attack also took place yesterday where three vehicles driven by Mr. Tato's supporters revved into town leaving bystanders scurrying for cover.
An eyewitness at the scene described the incident to our reporter in Goroka, Anthonia Mission.
"Palnti samtin em bagarap, ol mahn ol kam wantaim planty weapons na planty samting stap insait lo kar wantaim ol kam. Taim ol kam ya ol krukutim accelerator na kam na mipla ol market lain poret na lusim olgeta samtin blo mipla na ronaway... "
Public servants are refusing to return to work as their safety is not guaranteed.
Provincial Police Commander, Alex N'Drasal is calling for calm among the factions asking them to allow the law to take its cause.

Source: NBC News/ ONE PNG New
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