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Poor living conditions contribute to TB in PNG

Tuberculosis patient in PNG's Daru hospital: Photo credit: World Vision
Tomorrow marks the World TB day with the theme “UNITE TO END TB” and this day will be observed by thousands across the world with one aim and that is to end this epidemic.
Tuberculosis (TB) is already an epidemic in PNG and the 3 leading provinces, Western, Gulf and NCD have been the main focus areas for the government and for those that have been involved in the fight to stop TB.
TB Coordinator for NCD, Dr Morimai Ipai stressed on one of the contributing factors to TB especially in urban centers which is the poor living conditions in crowded areas.
“Most of the TB patients in NCD and other Urban centers come from settlement where there is no proper ventilation and the houses are overcrowded with far too many people, making it easy for any contagious disease to spread and TB is one of those contagious diseases.”
Dr Ipai said TB is an epidemic which means its killing thousands of people every day and people need to be health conscious of such disease by doing small things that can stop the spread of TB.
“Even if you are living in the settlement, keep your houses well ventilated by keeping the windows open for fresh air which one way in avoiding TB,” said Dr Ipai.
Meanwhile, Dr Ipai is calling on the general public to be mindful of their health and report to the nearest health center if they notice any signs or symptoms of TB. 

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