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Vitis Industries showcase new products

With the Theme “PNG in Progress”, the 2 Day Trade Show hosted by Vitis Industries saw a big turn out from the Port Moresby residents this morning at the Crowne Plaza Hotel.
The aim of the show is to showcase the company’s various new products together with their wholesale and distribution partners.
“We want the public to know that we are not only manufacturers and distributors of alcohol beverages but we also have other brand new products ranging from Health products, soft drinks and coffee products under the brand name of MosinFresh,” says Mr Carlo Resma, Operations Manager for FortunaOnline, the company’s Internet Supermarket.
He said that the company also aims to involve the people from the community through other community based projects especially through their Health and food products.
Apart from manufacturing and distribution of their products, they have also set up an Online Internet Supermarket in July last year called Fortuna Online, where consumers can shop for their products online.
“We’ve had quite a good response from the general public especially the working mothers who don’t have enough time to go shopping after work. All they do is order online and make the payments through the various payment options that are made available and then we deliver within an hour,” says Mr Rema.
Mr Rema also mentioned that they get over 100 customers on a daily basis through their online supermarket and they are predicting and increase this year.
Tomorrow will be the final day of the show and judging by this morning’s turn out more people are expected to turn up tomorrow, especially with all products going for 30 percent discount with free entry for the public.
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