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Safe Motherhood Alliance focus on SDG

The Safe Motherhood Alliance and other organisations that deal with Sexual Reproductive Health came together this morning to introduce the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) for 2016 particularly to do with the Sexual Reproductive Health Rights.
There are 17 goals for the SDG and each has a specific target to achieve in the next 15 years in all UN countries.
Program Manager for the Safe Motherhood Alliance Catherine Fokes says they will only take on board goal 3 and goal 5 of the SDG and focus on advocating as they believe these two goals reflect back to PNG on the issues of Sexual Reproductive Health Rights that a lot young girls and mothers face.
“Goal 3 of the SDG is Good Health & Well Being and Goal 5 of the SDG is Gender Equality, an ongoing issue that really needs to prioritised and we will advocate to the public on these goals so they know their rights so they can be able claim those rights” said Ms Catherine Fokes.
Meanwhile Dame Carol Kidu an advocate for Maternal Death stressed that it is important that the government must make budgetary commitments in order to achieve these goals.
“Our country has the highest number of maternal deaths and also there is an increasing number of TB cases and HIV so we have to be very serious about these issues and that’s why we have the SDG to assist us in eradicating some of these issues” said Dame Kidu.
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