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National Cultural Commission to be abolished

As part of the National Governments move to save cost, increase productivity and efficiency in the public service sector Minister for Sports and Tourism Arts & Culture Justin Tkatchenko today announced that the National Cultural Commission will be abolished and will come under the National Museum Art & Gallery.
“This is because I feel that there’s duplication involved in the responsibilities and is also NEC decision to amalgamate departments together to be more productive and more efficient in delivering services.”
“Our Culture and tradition is very important and the National Museum is doing a wonderful job so amalgamating National Cultural Commission and the Museum, under one Board and under one Director works perfectly to make a more efficient and to make the public service more productive,” says Minister Tkatchenko.
The merger will see alot of change take place in the future and the Minister says he will work closely with the Board and Trustees of the National Museum to ensure a correct structure is put in place to make things right.
Minister Tkatchenko adds, “This is a new start to a positive journey for the Industry as this will enhance the good work the Museum is doing in terms of preserving and promoting our Culture and Heritage.”
The new structure once completed will be submitted to the National Executive Council for approval and tabled at the Parliament before the new changes can be implemented.
Picture: Minister Tkatchenko surrounded by the National Museum Arts & Gallery Board members and Director Dr Andrew Moutu
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