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Governor Parkop says NCD commission a ‘big monster to tame’

THE National Capital District Commission is too big, NCD Governor Powes Parkop says.
Commenting on the large number of employees it has, Parkop said  NCDC’s payroll was big “but it’s much better than the public service generally”.
“I’m keep trying to cut it down but the monster is still there,” he said.
“The commission we’ve been restructuring and trying to downsize, but I don’t think we are there yet, just like the National Government trying to find the right size.
“I think it’s a bit of like chicken and egg type situation because if you downsize, you put a lot of responsibility into a few public servants.
“If we downsize, we must have an alternative plan for delivering that particularly type of service. So downsize in itself is not entirely good and we are talking about the right size and the right size is still a mystery.
“We haven’t come up with the right size of structure yet because the right size also means downsizing, but when you downsize it doesn’t mean that you get rid of the roles and responsibilities that are still there.
“Somebody has got to do it, might be that one public servant doing two to three jobs, and it’s too exhausting for them.”
He said overheads were still above 40 per cent, which was not good.
“The ideal sort of overheads including salaries which we have – 20 or 30 per cent would be good – that we are spending more money on services and development,” he said.
“I think the structure for NCDC is still a bit too high. I would say it’s still around 40 per cent so that’s not good.” The National
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