February 1, 2016

Duban delivers sea wall to Riwo

Member for Madang Open and Minister for Transport and Infrastructure,  Nixon Philip Duban has delivered sea wall to Panudau Island of Riwo in the Madang District.
It has been a concern and worry for the island people for many years yet past leaders have turned blind eyes on them as they watched their loved ones in the cemetery being washed away by the sea and not knowing when the island would be separated.
After funding the sea wall project on the island mid 2015, he visited it yesterday (30/01/2016) to officiate at its completion ceremony and commended the people for working together as a community to complete the project.
Mr Duban in addressing the people said differences between leaders and supporters have always-hinder progress of development but so long as he is the Member for Madang, those are things of the past and he urged everyone to work together with him by putting differences aside and let development like that to take place.
He said infrastructure and development is a key priority for the Government, which, he strongly supports and has been delivering throughout his electorate.
Member Duban would also be visiting other islands in his electorate to carry out assessment on how best he could assist them.
People of Panudau thanked the Member for listening to their plea and assured him of their support in other projects he would give them.
He said if he was given the opportunity to complete his full five years as the member, he could have completed such projects already but the court processes challenging him for the last three years has prevented him from delivering essential services to his people.
On the mainland, he has built many new roads and maintained existing ones, which have now linked many rural areas in the district with main roads giving them access to bring their produces to sell in town as well as allowing services to reach them easily.