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Bougainville to benefit from PNG Government's Special Intervention Funds

The People of Bougainville will continue to benefit from the Special Intervention Fund provided for by the PNG Govt for the next 5 years.
These monies have been directed to project that will have direct impact on the lives of the people on BOUGAINVILLE.
The funds are currently exhausted on rural electrification program, health centres, bridges, schools and the buka ring road which is an added focus for the ABG is now the shining light after the crises... This was described by the Chief Sec to ABG during the L/ Summit this afternoon.
Further to this the SIF has also assisted to hosting meets towards the Peace Agreement for B/Ville and the ABG has commended the Govt for assisting greatly with developments thru the SIF which will go a long way for the island and its people.
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